1925:  Wath National                      2019:  Lacewood

For the 2019 final click here.  For up to date news on the 2020 competition please see  Facebook  or Twitter.

The Totty Cup is a school football tournament in the Don & Dearne region of South Yorkshire.  The trophy was originally donated to the Dearne Association by a Goldthorpe Picture House proprietor, Russell Totty, in the 1920’s (first recorded final 1923). Originally it was a “senior school” competition but is now a primary school competition.

The Don & Dearne Sports Association ran this competition as well as a representative team for many years.  Two of the players from the 1960’s (Frank Barlow & Geoff Salmons) donated a trophy for those schools knocked out in the early rounds – this is known as the Barlow-Salmons Shield (introduced 1974). Prior to this, there was a Clarke Shield.  Information on the Barlow-Salmons is on a separate website – click here.

Don & Dearne SFA had a well respected reprentative team during the 1950s, 60’s & 70’s.  Information on the history of these teams is sketchy – but a start has been made at the following website –  Don & Dearne Representative Team.

As well as documenting the history of these competitions, it is hoped that some of the gaps will be filled by some of those who have played in the competition throughout the years.

Here’s a pdf of the latest programme…

Click on programme to download the 24 page programme.

TCBS prog.jpg

If you have anymore information on the finals, or previous rounds, please fill in the Contact Form below.




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